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Please visit 2008-2009 Remodeling Costs DC area before submitting for an estimate to see if a project like this is in your budget. As I spend on the average of 3-4 hours providing a bid to a potential customer. It is imperative that a customer has a very good idea of the competitive cost of their project before asking for an estimate. Everyone likes to be optimistic about the cost of their project, but then there is reality. Also partial remodels of bathrooms or kitchens will not save you money and you'll have a half done project.

Generally, I'm 30% lower in job cost compared to my professional competitors. New contractors entering the business, painters or brother in laws who just remodeled their own bathrooms, will have lower prices than mine. Depends on a customers capacity of dealing with potential headaches. You may save some money, but do you want to gamble on who is in your home or a leaking shower two years down the road. Our quality workmanship is done by my son and I, not a multi crew "B" team.

Please fill the questionaire out below for a competitive professional price on your remodeling project. I ask that you keep me informed of your final decision on your project.

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Powder Room $5k
Small Bathroom 5x8 $10-15k
Medium Bathroom $15k-25k
Large Bathroom $25k-up
Kitchen $38k-up
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